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The latest song ‘Get on’, by the hip-hop artist Zoul’tis has a message of self-confidence and individuality, which is justified by her vocals and music in it.

A very promising hip-hop artist Zoul’tis has come out with her latest track Get On to modify the genre of music with her new and unique approach to it. Her latest song showcases her mesmerizing voice, amazing sense of music, and her deep-rooted passion for it. The versatility of her voice is so vivid and profound that it can easily draw the attention of fans. She has the potential to inspire many budding hip-hop artists with her songs.

The artist has beautifully aligned the beats and music of her track with the rap to make a perfect piece for the genre. Even, she has tweaked her voice to match the theme of the song. By maintaining the speed and tempo of her rap she was brilliant with her effort to achieve perfection in her craft. The song ‘Get On’ can be considered the best of all her tracks as it reflects the truth that she has seen herself. To get into the industry, people are ready to sell themselves by any means. However, it’s better to maintain individuality. Even, it embellishes the genre with her sheer brilliance in music. Furthermore, the rhythm and flow of her track maintain fluency which further makes her song more engaging.


The use of poetic techniques often found missing is there in detail in the rap of Zoul’tis She, as a rapper, paid attention to poetic techniques and rhetoric, which enhances the quality of rap by many times. Her songs are less in numbers though; she never compromised with her quality. All her songs ‘Get On’‘White rice’ and ‘Zoul’tis dead’ are available on Spotify.

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