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Science Fanatic Rock Band Release New Single Dedicated to Crucial Historical Figure Ada Lovelace

Originating in Genoa, Italy, Andrea Pizzo and The Purple Mice just dropped new double single ‘Ada’ on all streaming sites.


Listen now on Spotify, Apple Music or Bandcamp.


Launched on October 26th 2022, this new release comes after the success of their debut studio album ‘Potatoes on Mars’ in January, with hits like ‘Keep On Searching’ and ‘Road to Universe’ achieving 200,000+ streams on Spotify.


‘Ada’ is dedicated to Ada Byron, Countess of Lovelace, an English mathematician and writer who is best known for writing the first computer ‘code’. She worked with inventor Charles Babbage on his concept of the first digital computer and was the first person to suggest how the computer could be used for purposes beyond mathematical calculation.


As musicians know, music today would be very different without the invention of the computer. It gives us an extraordinary level of freedom to record, edit and craft the perfect high-quality sound our music deserves. It gives us access to new methods of generating musical sounds and ideas. It also gives us the opportunity to share our music worldwide over the internet and make meaningful connections with fans in every corner of the globe.


Pizzo’s group stand out from the crowd by focusing their writing concepts on science, invention, ingenuity and the wonders of the universe – sure to be a huge hit for all the math and science nerds out there!


‘Ada’ is destined to open their upcoming second album. “[She was] a figure who has had a great impact in the history of science” explains frontman Andrea Pizzo. “But [she] is little known, like many others to whom we have dedicated some songs from this new concept album about the fate of mankind.”


Silvia Criscenzo, fantastic singer, musician and dear friend of the group takes the vocal spotlight in ‘Ada’ with lyrics by Raffaella Turbino. Her voice is bright and emotive amidst a wash of dreamy psychedelic guitars, including a fierce rock guitar solo from instrumentalist Roberto Tiranti. The lyrics are poetic and thought-provoking, giving us a chance to reflect on the great minds of the human race.


“Imagination, mathematics are the language Of unseen relation between things”


Alongside the release is a charmingly hand-drawn and animated music video following the storyline of the lyrics, which you can watch here.


‘Ada’ is accompanied by super funky B side ‘The Boys From Silicon Valley’, an older B side from a previous single. The lyrics, also by Raffaella Turbino, talk of Silicon Valley, a region in Northern California, US, which is famed as a hub for technological innovations. They speak of “the boys” who work there, a “brigade of brilliant minds” whose new inventions could change the world.


‘The Boys From Silicon Valley’ is much more rock-focused than its dreamy pop counterpart ‘Ada’. It has new-age and slightly gothic vibe with quirky synthesizers, grooving guitar lines and heavy drums.


To keep up with Andrea Pizzo and the Purple Mice, you can check out their website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Twitter.

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