Mike Benc dedicates his new release “California Sky” to the 2022 Vancouver Pride and the LGBTQ community

Canadian deep house artist and producer Mike Benc dedicates his new release “California Sky” to the LGBTQ community. The official music video for “California Sky” by Mike Benc was uploaded on YouTube Tuesday, August 02 and it gained very supportive and positive reactions from the community. The entire music video contains 2022 Vancouver Pride footage, and the opening credits are dedicated to 2022 Pride. Well known for its creativity and passion for music, it is not surprising that this Mike’s song went viral on social media platforms and has been already accepted as an anthem of Vancouver’s pride.

We wanted to hear news directly from Mike Benc, so we visited pride party. Mike gave a short interview while visiting Vancouver’s Sunset beach accompanied by the Canada Records team.

“As a musician and creator, I always try to put out a quality work that will stay out there forever and triggered by memories it will make someone feel better or just activate that great nostalgic feeling inside of a person and thinking about this big event that’s going on here I know how many people put up a hard work to make this happen and lot of memories will be written here today. I just want to be a part of it somehow. The least I can do as an artist is to create something for our LGBTQ community. California Sky is a house dance track and one of my favorite warm melodies songs so I thought it would be a perfect one for this occasion. I truly appreciate and I want to thank everyone that visited and supported the 2022 Vancouver Pride. Today we showed to the world that Canadians are a supportive, compassionate, and united community as we all came to support this event, and as you can see it’s extremely busy here even though temperatures are over 32 degrees Celsius, and it’s hard to breathe in this heat. My team took some footage of this party, and we will be finalizing the video for a song tomorrow. Once again thank you all for the support.“ Kind words and a strong handshake from Mike ended up this interview.

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