Lou Anthony Makes 2023 Debut in ‘Girls From The Bay’

Sacramento, CA — The Philly-born emcee released his first song of the brand new year, “Girls From The Bay,” a bouncy tribute to the women in the Northern California area.

Aside from four smaller song-releases on SoundCloud and his website, Lou Anthony has seemingly been in the shadows since he released his indie chart-topping single “Outside,” another ode to Cali, in June 2022.

“It’s a lot of things,” said the artist when asked why he’s come to love the west coast so much. “I was born and raised in Philly, that’s all I’ve ever known or seen. Sometimes I’m too Philly,” he said laughing. “But California embraced me with such a warm energy that it became kind of like a utopia to me. Like [The Notorious] BIG said, ‘the women, weather, and the weed’ were all so embracive.”

The inspiration for “Girls From The Bay” came from these collective experiences Anthony had over the years as a newbie-turned-resident of NorCal. The song has direct shout outs to Vallejo, Oakland, San Francisco, the SFSU Gators, and a couple of the Bay Area’s finest, most successful queens in entertainment. It was produced by Southern California’s Neo and samples “Every Little Thing U Do” by Christopher Williams.

For more about Lou Anthony and to stream “Girls From The Bay” log onto or search for it on any music streaming platform.

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