Introducing Weekdays on the Beach: A New Musical Journey Begins with Debut Single “Going Strong”

Weekdays on the Beach, a musical collaboration fueled by a profound love for life and a deep obsession with all things music, proudly unveils their debut single, “Going Strong.” This release marks the dawning of a new chapter in the lifelong journey of two artists, Russell Fong and Amanda Inouye, as they embark on a path of self-discovery through their shared passion.

Hailing from the enchanting shores of the west coast, the dynamic duo, known as the weekdays, have spent countless weekdays soaking up the sun on the beach while dedicating their weekends to the creation and performance of soul-stirring music. With their roots deeply intertwined with the essence of coastal living, Russell and Amanda have nurtured their love for music since their earliest days, crafting a sound that resonates with authenticity and joy.

“Going Strong” is an anthem that encapsulates the essence of the weekdays’ musical journey. It is the product of decades spent dancing to the rhythm in their heads and years dedicated to translating their vision into reality. Drawing from their collective life experiences, personal beliefs, and cherished memories, the weekdays infuse their work with a genuine expression of their true selves, sharing their deepest passions with the world.

The debut single showcases the incredible synergy between Russell and Amanda, featuring their rich harmonies, infectious melodies, and captivating lyrics. “Going Strong” invites listeners on a heartfelt voyage, where every beat and note is infused with the energy and vitality of the musicians’ unwavering dedication.

“We are thrilled to release our debut single, ‘Going Strong,’ and embark on this exciting journey as Weekdays on the Beach,” shares Russell Fong, one half of the duo. “This song represents the culmination of years of hard work and a genuine love for the music that has shaped our lives. We hope it resonates with listeners and inspires them to embrace their own passions.”

Weekdays on the Beach’s debut single, “Going Strong,” is now available for streaming on Spotify.

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