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Look ma, I’m flying like a bird!

Driving to the heart and passion the songs of Lamont Jackson are heartfelt numbers for the listeners. Moreover, the artist is versatile in his nature as he produces songs regarding various themes such as motivating, inspiring and romantic. Thus, here the artist has produced a new pop song Cancer You’re No Friend of Mine’, which is motivating and inspiring for those who are fighting cancer and won the battle. The lyrics of the music are in the memory of those who lost and giving to the honor those persons who have fought the battle and won fruitfully. The artist is new and emerging as he found his passion over the music a years ago, in which he found that singing made him smile as well as people around him.

Besides the lyrics, the musical arrangement in ‘Cancer You’re No Friend of Mine’ is ecstatic and catchy for music lovers. The guitar riffs, synth effect, and the professional drums pattern jamming is the noticeable musical part of this music. The official music video of this song has nicely promoted the song lyrics. I want to recommend this song to listen by every music enthusiast as not only the song has a motivational theme but also a nice musical arrangement from this new and emerging pop artist. His other versatile songs can be found on his YouTube channel and the names of those songs are ‘Sitting on the Dock Of The Bay’, ‘I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You’, and ‘Let’s Go Chiefs!’. He always believes that songs can connect with people and he gives thanks to his friends and Kelly Clarkson for producing songs.

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