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Erick Kristal’s New Music Video “Wake Up Africa” Calls for an African Awakening

Erick Kristal, the lion of African reggae, has released his latest powerful music video “Wake Up Africa” with a that sheds light on the neocolonization of Africa and the need for a collective consciousness to achieve an African awakening. The single is already available on all streaming platforms and is set to be released in Europe on March 30, 2023, on Italian broadcasters, and across the world and all of Africa.

In this visual opus, Kristal reminds us that slavery has destroyed us, religion has divided us, and ignorance controls us. He emphasizes the rage in his heart and the killings of African leaders who refuse to compromise. “We are fed up,” he says with force. The music video highlights the misdeeds of the collaboration between the West and Africa and calls for a wake-up call.

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Erick Kristal is one of the best active reggaeman in Benin, Africa, and Italy where he lives, and has three albums to his credit. He has been shaking consciences with his originality and the tone of his texts. He was rewarded with several trophies, including the nomination for Afrimar Award 2015 and Best Reggaeman of the Year of Benin awarded by Fescuv Vg. He won the Benin Top 10 trophy for viewers’ artist in 2021.

The music video is a powerful call to action and a reminder that Kristal will not give up as long as the African people are still oppressed. With him, the surprises never end for Beninese, African, and world reggae.


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