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EDM Producer, Songwriter, and Performer BlackLight Delivers an Irresistibly Energetic and Enthralling Performance In “Beautiful People (Original Mix)”

Carl Davis, alias BlackLight, has been shining the light on some astonishing EDM-inspired melodies to engineer music that reaches the core of emotional gratification. One who is not privy to genre restrictions, he mixes and masters anything that crosses his path, using elements of house, techno, trance, and other dance-inspired styles to fashion an ineffably beautiful spectrum of electronic-inspired dance music that makes you want to move your body in no time. BlackLight’s impeccable discography is a treasure trove of spectacular EDM masterpieces, with tracks adventurously exploring the true depths of techno-house and trance vibes alike. It is therefore not really surprising that BlackLight has blown up on streaming platforms with its transcendental sound, attracting massive numbers from its global listenership!

Taking his creativity, a notch higher, BlackLight underscores his sound versatility in his banger, “Beautiful People (Original Mix)” which sees him borrow elements from the old school’s retro-infused dance music and gives it some enchanting present-day attributes for that broad appeal.

In a nutshell; “Beautiful People (Original Mix)” is like the sounds of yesteryear but with a more modern twist! The driving beats, full-on grooves, and arena-sized rhythms all come together throughout these 3 minutes and 34 seconds of delightful sound design that is best enjoyed with the volume at its maximum!

Everything stands out in this track, from the deft arrangement down to the pristine production and even the varied vocal samples that add that sonic wealth and variety. Once that impressive blend of melody and rhythm kicks in, you lose all control of your body as you naturally gravitate toward the beats, moving left, right, and center—back and forth with carefree abandon!

If you are an avid dancer like me, this is exactly the track to perfect your dance moves to!

“Beautiful People (Original Mix)” undeniably translates for any dance floor globally and is the perfect banger to lose steam to as you give an ode to the once youthful exuberance you possessed before old age started creeping in!

This track has been widely received and has tremendous streaming numbers already. To join the bandwagon of global dance music enthusiasts already spellbound by it, follow the attached link below!

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