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DJ G-String & TC5Official Introducing A New Release: “I Want You To Know”

June 2022 – DJ G-String and TC5Official recently joined forces on a brand new release: “I Want You To Know.” This collaborative effort is fresh and fun. It is a perfect example of what it means to make some of the very best vocal house music in today’s scene. On the one hand, the sound of the production is crisp and punchy. On the other, it captures the warmth that you would expect from the old-school staples of the genre.

DJ G-String is not only a DJ. She is also a gifted singer-songwriter, composer, producer, and remix artist. Also, she is a multi-instrumentalist who expands her sound with every release. TC5Official stands out for his skills as a young producer. He is also a DJ and musician and a true connoisseur of melody and groove, bringing both to everything he does. DJ G-String and TC5Official are no strangers to collaborations. The two have worked together on various remix projects, and they hit it off creatively.

“I Want You To Know” feels like a great way to showcase the synergy between the two. While DJ G-String and TC5Official have different styles, they set out to merge the best of their qualities and skills, making for a one-of-a-kind combination of influences. The sound is catchy and dynamic, and the production is layered and immersive. The message that drives this vocal house anthem is also very positive. “I Want You To Know” is about reaching out to people you care about and letting them know how much they mean to you! This is a powerful and cheerful message that most people can relate to. The vibrant quality of the music reflects the mood of the track. The big, clean piano chord drives the arrangement, while the sound of the drums is electrifying and steady, with a modern four-on-the-floor rhythm. The bass tones are deep, adding some movement that matches the pulse of the kick drum. The vocals soar on top of the mix but never overpower the balance of the instruments.

Find out more about DJ G-String and TC5Official, and listen to “I Want You To Know.”

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