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Denver Native Artist Young Pistol Releases Highly Anticipated EP ‘Symptoms’ with Collaborations from Zipp Xavier and Lemunard

Denver native artist Young Pistol has finally released his highly anticipated EP, “Symptoms,” which is sure to keep fans hooked from start to finish. The eight-track project includes the lead single, “The Moon,” which offers a breath of fresh air and a much-needed break from the norm.

What makes “Symptoms” stand out is the high-spirited freedom expressed throughout the EP. Young Pistol’s creativity is so impressive that listeners may need to rewind a track to fully appreciate it. Collaborations with trendsetting Zipp Xavier on the “Demon’s and I” remix and Chilean beat producer Lemunard showcase Young Pistol’s position as one of the new faces of Hip Hop’s new chart chamber.

The first song’s echoes of the vocals add an interesting twist to the EP, while the abundance of dance vibes is sure to satisfy listeners’ preferred production pace. Young Pistol has broken the mold and established himself as a production force, making “Symptoms” a timeless project that should be recognized as a delicious way to listen to music.

According to Xavier Media, Young Pistol’s management team, “Symptoms” will take listeners on a trip to the future. The EP can be enjoyed anywhere, from breakfast to your favorite hangout spot. With its originality and depth, “Symptoms” is a must-have for fans of Hip Hop’s new chart chamber.

“Symptoms” will be available on May 16th, 2023. Fans are encouraged to grab a copy and follow Young Pistol’s journey to the top.

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