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Agon has dropped an edgy new song: “The One & Only”

An emotional song that’s about cherishing love, friendship and loyalty.

July 29th 2022 – Agon is an artist and songwriter who has always been able to make music that stands out. Not only does he impress the audience for his unique delivery and creative stance. He also makes music that has a deeper meaning, entertaining the audience, while also offering a more inspirational twist. His most recent release, “The One & Only”, stands out as a powerful example of how Agon wants to use his voice to make real change happen and create the spark of a strong bond with his audience. The song has a very modern and punchy approach to production, but it is not overly sleek. This means that the artist isn’t hiding behind many layers of studio trickery, but rather allowing his natural voice to shine and stand out. This works very well for Agon, as it allows him to endow his tracks with more emotions and vibe, and truly show the audience that he is indeed making music for the heart and singing from a place that is definitely authentic and filled with real emotion.

“The One & Only”, at its very core, is a well-made melodic rap song. The track is about loyalty, love, and commitment to someone. In this life, it is really difficult to actually find people who will stick by your side, no matter what you go through in life. When you do find these very special and rare people, it is important to keep them close and celebrate them. Agon sings about someone who is not only a love, but a faithful friend, and “The One & Only” is all about cherishing that one-of-a-kind bond that makes a person worth having around in your life. In addition, the melodic rap style that makes Agon’s sound so special is very distinctive here, and it matches the emotional vibe of these lyrics to perfection. Like all of the other songs from Agon, “The One & Only” load boasts a truly outstanding sounds in technical terms, meaning the great quality of the production.

Find out more about Agon, and do not miss out on “The One & Only”. This release is going to be available on the best digital music streaming services.

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